Guess the Store

Can you identify this store? No tricks. It's a world famous store and I wanted to show some cute pictures so I thought I'd make a little game.
First, for the pet lovers. Isn't this a cute little pillow for your pooch?

 (I think this is a good clue that we aren't at Walmart.)

Maybe you're a foodie? How does this look. (Yes, I am a chocoholic.)

Has anyone guessed yet? Still in the food department. One of these chefs actually does sing Italian opera while working. We did purchase food while listening to him, so maybe it is an effective sales method.

Okay, none of these clues is a dead giveaway. So I'll give you some actual shots of the store itself.

First, one of the sales floors. Beneath it, the Egyptian Stairway.

Some interesting facts about this store: They have a dress code to enter. (Yes, they are willing to be picky about taking your money.) You can't wear spaghetti straps. You can't wear a backpack on your back. And you can't shop in groups of more than four (which ruled out our family shopping together). Also, there are places in the store where you aren't allowed to take photos.

So, who knows what store this is?


Joy said...


David Bridger said...

My wife and daughters would love this to be their corner shop. :D

It's Harrods.

Unknown said...

As a bonafide shopaholic, I knew it couldn't be in the U.S. I've been in the best of the best in nearly all our major cities, and none of them look like that!

Now I have to put Harrods on my bucket list - especially the candy shop and the pet dept. Betty Boop (our dog) could use some pampering!

Thanks for the tour! Where are we going next week? (That's my Shaggy Dog Syndrome kicking up - open the car door, and I jump in).

Carly Carson said...

David, I figured the Egyptian Stairway had to be a dead giveaway to anyone who's been there.

Joy, Nordstrom's is a good guess. Same quality store.

Roz, haha I like the Shaggy Dog Syndrome. I have a dd with that syndrome and it is wonderful! But no dog hairs on the Sniffany pillow!

Cameo Brown said...

Cool pix, Carly! Great tour. I'm getting ready to do some online shopping, so quite ironic. lol

Natasha Moore said...

Great pics, Carly. Shopping there would be an experience in itself.

Carly Carson said...

Cameo, it's not the same experience online, but it is easier.

Natasha, it was "window shopping" for me. Bought some food and that was about it. But it is a fun place to go.

Esmerelda said...

Wow, that place is gorgeous!