Gifted People

I was digging through some music the other night, trying to get a handle on my massive library of tunes, which for some reason seems to grow exponentially when I’m not looking, and I discovered something odd.
A long time ago I loaded songs from a ballroom CD featuring Latin music only—sambas, rumbas, cha cha cha’s, etc. As I clicked through, listening to the different songs, I was surprised to find that one of the singers credited on an International Rumba was none other than Antonio Banderas, the bodaciously awesome Spanish film actor. I don’t know how that escaped me at the time, but I suddenly remembered that I’d seen him sing on an awards show once.
By now you’re probably figuring that, knowing Cameo, this post is going to be an ode to Antonio Banderas because he’s a hunk, but it’s not. What intrigued me about this is that it reminded me that we all have gifts to share and should do so despite what others think. I’m sure AB isn’t considered by some to be the greatest singer in the world, although I think he’s pretty good, but no matter. When he’s asked to perform, he performs and doesn’t hold back. He shares.
How many times have you wanted to share a gift, to participate, to inspire others but hesitated because of that one nagging thought that you’re not good enough or that people will say that you’re not experienced enough to do so?
I remember seeing an interview with Cher once on VH1. She was talking about her transition into acting and about how no one believed she could do it, even her. However, she persevered and eventually became an award-winning actress.
Let me give you another example: Albert Einstein. Sure, he was a gifted theoretical physicist but he was also an accomplished violinist. How about Albrecht Durer? Yes, the painter who was also a mathematician. And who can forget Leonardo da Vinci? He created paintings that enchanted the world, but he also designed machines and gave us new perspectives on human anatomy, among other things. Ben Franklin is another example. A printer, a patriot, a diplomat, and an inventor, Ben’s influence on society today, including the written word, cannot be denied.
Speaking of the written word, what I’ve noticed about many writers and readers I’ve interacted with is that while they may be gifted in one area that currently defines them, they have other hobbies and talents they could be sharing as well. Many don’t because they’ve been told they shouldn’t, that someone else is better at it than they are . Writers are notorious for believing this--if I'm not as good as J.K. Rowling, I shouldn't write. Maybe people tell themselves that; however, the result is the same. Gifts that are meant to be shared are simply tucked away.
I have a friend who is a great cook and a generous person. She often gives me food, but I repay her kindness with other kinds of gifts. Why? Because I’ve always thought myself a so-so cook, and I’m terrified my food wouldn’t be good enough or would cause heartburn or something. She doesn’t know this, and I think it puzzles her that I don’t respond in kind. Hubby always praises my cooking, but I figure he has to because I’m pretty much the only game in town unless he wants to prepare meals.
Lately, though, little moments of enlightenment like the one with Antonio Banderas nag at me. No one has ever really complained about my cooking that I remember, but I just assumed that I wasn’t a very good cook, at least not good enough to share my culinary efforts with friends.
I really like to dabbling in the kitchen, and Antonio’s singing has inspired me to share my gift. Maybe I am a so-so chef-in-training, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share what I can do with people I care about.
What about you? Think about it. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to do with others that you’ve never done simply because you’re afraid you’ll screw it up? Sing in a church choir? Make people laugh? Dance? Act in a local play? Tutor children? Write a mystery? Run a race?
Please feel free to share here. I’ve got some cookies to bake. :)


K Garcia said...

I understand about feeling that we aren't good enough and not sharing.

I'm a writer like you and like you mentioned I have other talents. I dance as well as teach dance.

But the one thing that I do, but have no confidence in is singing. My sisters and mom sound way better than me, at least that's what I always thought.

My mind was changed by a friend of mine who is a producer and singer. I was hanging out in his studio one day and he was sharing snippets of potential music tracks. Without thinking about what I was doing, I started singing, making up lyrics to the tracks that moved me. Next thing I know, he's singing with me and I stopped embarrassed.

He wanted to know why I stopped and commented that I had a rather nice singing voice and why hadn't I told him?

So yep, I know the feeling. And I sympathize with you in the culinary area. I can cook but I don't like to make things for others either. I don't feel like I ever measure up in that area.

Cameo Brown said...

Great story, L.S.! I would love to sing and have even thought about taking lessons. I heard a song by Anastacia and thought, "Wow, I love her voice! I'd love to have that sound come out of me." For me it would just be the thrill of making sounds into some form of expression. I'm so glad you discovered your gift for song. I bet some day you'll find out you measure up quite well in the culinary department, too. Thanks for sharing with us.:)

Julie Robinson said...

Definitely can relate to the fear of not good enough and not sharing whether it be writing or any other creative talents. My son and I enjoyed the video of AB