Getting The Words Down

I don't want to bring on any bad juju or anything, but guess what? I've been writing again! Yes, I know. Crazy for a writer to write, isn't it? Like I told you in my post from last week, I've been plugging away at a couple different stories. The words were coming in tiny bursts, and sure, every little bit helps. But this week, well this week I actually felt like a writer again. Man, I love that feeling. And the best part? I was in a really great groove the other day (for me, anyway:)) and -- WHAM -- another plot line hits me. One that will really add to the story. I was able to flesh it out with the help of an awesome CP, and it got me really excited to continue on.

So, unfortunately, this post is going to be short and sweet. I gotta get back to it, while the mind is fresh and hot. But let me leave you with a little bit of what's inspiring me. Remember, I told you my hero is a fireman...

Have a great weekend!


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