Festivals -- Celebrating Fall and Life

As an author I’ve always favored onsite and hands-on research to that conducted online and using printed materials as reference resources. There’s the exhilaration of stepping back in time while attending WWII and Civil War reenactments that indulges my passion for research and stimulates my senses in a most creative way.

Recently my significant other and I spent several unforgettable weekends admiring the handicrafts offered by artisans and laughing at pie-eating contests where adorable children ended up wearing more apples than they’d consumed. These were also days when diets were dismissed, and we were drawn to delicacies such as savory breads, frosted turnovers and petite pasties filled with baked apples and dusted with powered sugar. A local winery teased and pleased our palates with some of its prize-winning and newly-introduced vintages. We posed beside field surgeons, operated switchboards, and attended various lectures on a host of topics by veterans of The Battle of the Bulge, D Day and The Invasion of Okinawa. Some of my favorite photos include those where my boyfriend brandished an M1 carbine while wearing a helmet and mile-wide smile. We chatted at length with a paratrooper who later kindly forwarded us a tape of one his commemorative presentations. This is a memento we will always cherish along with the honor of being in his esteemed company that sun-filled fall day.

But although the festivals and historical programs gifted us with many fond memories, perhaps the thing we ended up most celebrating was the fact we were alive, well-nourished and proud to be Americans thanks to those who served our country and farmed the crops of our fabulous nation.

Wishing you all the best for the fall season and beyond,

Shawna Moore
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