Football Appreciation

Football is a longtime tradition in the Bishop family. We look forward to the season starting each year. To be blunt, my football season has sucked. Right now, I’m watching the Panther’s (though with a good start) get their a$$ handed to them by the Browns (though I believe Delhomme has something to prove since he was let go by the Panther’s last year).

Losing has been an ongoing theme for the Panther’s this year. Don’t get me wrong, losing is part of the sport and I’m okay with the Panther’s losing IF they give me a good game to watch. A massacre of pathetic proportions is NOT fun to watch.

So to make me feel better, I wanted to give some football eye candy. Something has to give me re-appreciation of the sport, doesn’t it? LOL.


Cameo Brown said...

Thanks so much for this. Was watching football on T-Day and thought about how they cover those guys up so much now you can't see ANYTHING! No cute butts or strong shoulders, just padding and a lot of grimacing. It's nice to see the men under the uniform!

Unknown said...

Esme, as a Colts fan, I feel comfortable saying that Peyton is a bit homely to be heading up this post. As a better representative of the team, I present to you my boyfriend, Mr. Dwight Freeney:

You're welcome.