So Much to Learn. So Little Time

This should be my motto. In thinking about this topic, I decided to talk about what I've learned in just one week. Because it's amazing how much one learns in such a short span of time. So, in no particular order:

1. It's amazing what you can do when you make the effort (also a kissing cousin to the old chestnut: Necessity is the mother of invention.)

This past weekend we had buckets of good strawberries and were having people to dinner. DD wanted to bake something with me so we decided we needed a chocolate pound cake, and here's the kicker: We had to use the ingredients we had on hand. Hubby had already gone across state lines to purchase all the items on my list for the meal.

It is not easy to find a chocolate pound cake recipe when you don't have: Crisco or sour cream, and a bundt or tube pan. Trust me on this. After an hour of searching (alas) we settled on something that looked promising and we baked it up in cute heart-shaped dishes designed for something else.

Then we found the Crisco, hiding sheepishly in the pantry.
Then we discovered the local convenience mart didn't carry whipping cream.
Then hubby went back over the state line, and very graciously, I must add. (It took an hour.)

(The pound cake was delish!!!)

2. I learned what a fox sounds like at night. At the same time, I learned precisely what 'bloodcurdling' sounds like. The foxes are cute during the day. But now I need to figure out how to get them to move. Across state lines would be excellent.

In a weird random occurrence, the two foxes appeared in the back yard while I was writing this post. They are clever. I took some pictures but they didn't come out too well through the window screen. Those foxes came right up on my back deck and sat down. They are skittish creatures, though. They stared at me watching them.

3. I learned where a man can drop trou in public and get away with it. Just this morning I was in my health club and the Tour de France was on the TV. Among the guys who run alongside the bicyclists, a fellow suddenly appeared, with his shorts around his knees (butt naked rear view, running, remember). A bit later, we saw him (from the front) pulling up his shorts. I don't know if he'd lost them accidentally or if someone had told him to clean up his act. The sound was off on the TV. But no one seemed agitated. (Don't know where his undies were.)

Also while watching the race, I learned why we saw a steady stream of bicyclists on a road we took (in a car) up the highest peak in the Austrian Alps last year. None of these guys looked like they were having fun. It was a tough, tough climb. But after watching the Tour in the French Alps this morning, I realized those guys in Austria must have been training for this event. I saw at least a hundred bikers that day, and only one woman and she was struggling.

I learned that you can win a swim race and even qualify for the state meet – without actually swimming in the race. Yes, dd accomplished this feat a few days ago. She told the coach she hadn't swum in that race, and the coach said, "Can't do anything about it now. Here's your blue ribbon for first place." I guess we're not competing in the Olympics, huh?

I learned there are many, many things I want to know, and don't. Why does a fox scream at night? Why do those guys run alongside the bicyclists? Why does a guy dress up in a strange costume to stand alongside the route of the Tour? Why do these guys ride bicycles in mountains, anyway? Why are women not as strong as men?

Any answers?


David Bridger said...

Hi Carly. I don't know about the bare bum man - maybe he was a trainer for one of the cyclists working the carrot/stick method? :)

But about the foxes, I guess most of the noises they make at night are territorial warnings, plus a mixture of play fights and real fights. There's a lovely set of recordings here:

Nicole North said...

Great post! I don't know anything about foxes since we apparently don't have any around here. So you've taught me something new. :) Maybe the guy's pants were too big... or he gets a thrill from flashing. :) I definitely love learning new things which is probably why I enjoy watching educational channels, or researching stuff I'm curious about online.

Carly Carson said...

David, lol. If you don't keep bicycling, you have to look at my butt!

Nicole, I could spend all day doing research. Love it.

Cameo Brown said...

LOL This is a great post! Love to learn, and I'm always curious about things, too. As for the no batting an eye at the nudity, I'm guessing it's because of one of two things, or a combination of both. First, it's France, so I'm guessing the general population there is fairly familiar with the nude form. Second, I can't imagine a guy flashing his male parts, whether as a political statement or to show solidarity with one of the riders, would seem odd to people enjoying watching a bunch of bicyclists huffing and puffing their way up a mountain. :)

Carly Carson said...

Cameo, the Europeans are much more casual about public nudity, as you say. Though where I am in Vt., there are towns were it is legal to be completely nude in public. You have to keep a look out. The sights you see are not the sights you want to see. lol