For Your Amusement

This week's theme at Fierce Romance is "amusement".

I could talk about amusement parks, especially since RWA's National conference is going to be held in Orlando, at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort, in a couple weeks. I could talk about roller coasters and fun houses and cotton candy.

But instead, I'm going to talk about romance novels, because believe it or not, whether it is a romantic comedy, or an emotional tear-jerker, or a paranormal thriller, we're writing for our readers' amusement.

The definition of amuse, according to my Webster's is "to keep pleasantly or enjoyably occupied or interested; entertain." According to the Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian, the meaning "a pastime, play, game, anything which pleasantly diverts the attention" (from duty, work, etc.) is from 1670s, originally depreciative; meaning "pleasurable diversion" attested from 1690s.

Sounds like a romance novel to me!

There's nothing better than to open the pages of a book, or turn on your computer or ereader, and get lost in the story of two people with wants and needs and problems, and experience them overcoming their obstacles and falling in love in the process. Reading a good book pleasantly diverts my attention from the laundry and the bills and any other problems I may have.

I feel the same way when I put on my writing hat. While I spin my characters' stories, I can never forget that I am writing for my readers. I'm writing to entertain them. To take them away from their problems for a little while and let them be enjoyably occupied while they experience my characters falling in love. I'm writing for their amusement.

Can't think of a better job!

And I got an e-mail last night letting me know about a new review for my novella, Bound by Design from Blackraven's Reviews. I was overwhelmed with the wonderful review. In part it said:
This is a great example of how magnificent a short story can be. The characters are easy to relate to and care about, the plot is engaging, the erotic elements certainly are erotic, and the conclusion/HEA ending make perfect sense. What a truly enjoyable story! Excellent!

I'm so glad I was able to keep the reviewer pleasantly or enjoyably occupied or interested!!



Carly Carson said...

Great review! There is nothing like getting that unexpected pat on the back.

Carly Carson said...

Great review! There is nothing like getting that unexpected pat on the back.

Nicole North said...

Congratulations on the wonderful new review!! I definitely enjoy writing for the reader's amusement.

Natasha Moore said...

Thanks, Carly! I love surprises like that :)

Hi Nicole. I enjoy it too!