5 Hearts for Kilted Lover

I have a new review for Kilted Lover from The Romance Studio!

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Very sensual

Leslie Livingston plans to enjoy Charleston's Scottish Games when her Celtic amulet draws the attention of two thugs. Now she's being tossed over the shoulder of the kilted, virile man she'd been admiring earlier. Scott MacPherson can't stand back and let thieves attack the hot little red-head. Evading bullets he gets her to the safety and now that the danger has dialed down, the heat between them turns up. But will one night of erotic exploration be enough for them?

I loved this story! I can't say how much I enjoyed everything about this fantastic novella. In fact I've decided to do a little research and head out to some Highland Games this summer to find my own kilted hottie. Swift action made time fly by as I read -- suddenly I was sad to say good-bye to one of the sexiest heroes I've ever met. Scott is the perfect man, he rescues a damsel in distress from two armed bad-guys after effortlessly completing the cabertoss, all while wearing a kilt! Leslie is a refreshing mixture of goddess and good girl. This author is at the top of my must-read list, I hope she provides me with an endless supply of sexy Scottish studs.
Contemporary erotic romance

Available from Red Sage

ISBN: 978-1-60310-395-4

November 2009
Reviewer: Theresa Joseph
Kilted Lover is also now available on Kindle!

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**Topics covered**
Using the five senses more effectively
Sexy talk
Word choice
First kiss
First love scene
How to rebuild sexual tension after sex
Why point of view is important
Hot characters
Combining physical attraction and emotion
Body language
Differences between romance and erotic romance
Revising to make a sensual romance manuscript spicy or erotic

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Visual inspiration
Multimedia examples and exercises

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I'm so totally a Nicole North fan. I've taken all of her classes and loved Kilted Lover. Congrats, Nicole.

Nicole North said...

Oh thanks so much, Riley!!! You've made my day!! :)

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Awesome review! Congrats!

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