February - The Month of Love

As lovers of romance, we don't need an excuse to celebrate love. But the rest of the world likes to use February, as the month of Valentine's Day, to talk about love and romance. Here at Fierce Romance, we like to talk about those subjects all the time!

Red Sage is kicking off a brand new, up-to-date website to help you to more easily access their erotic and emotional stories of love and romance. There were admittedly some problems with the old site and I just want to point out that anyone who wanted to buy a copy of my November release, The Better to Eat You With, (or any other Red Sage title) but had a problem accessing the link, I'm happy to let you know that the glitches are fixed. You can now get your very own copy of my twisted take on the Little Red Riding Hood tale. Be sure to check out the new website.

And don't forget to stop over to the Red Sage Revealed blog. All month Red Sage authors are blogging about their hottest heroes and heroines and giving away free books as well!

Nothing is more romantic than a kiss. It's so intimate, lips brushing, breaths mingling, bodies only a heartbeat away, or maybe pressed up against each other. I love romantic movies and movie kisses get me everytime.

I'm up for some good romantic movies to watch this February, um and the other 11 months of the year. I'm ready to add to my Netflix queue. What movies would you recommend??



Leigh Court said...

Okay, you totally have to add "The Princess Bride" to your NetFlix list. It was just ranked #3 on the *all-time most romantic movies* list by InTouch Weekly! It's a classic :)

And those people who did the kiss montage definitely should add the first Edward/Bella kiss from Twilight. I mean HOT! The breathless anticipation as he gets closer and closer to her lips is just classic sexual tension!

JMVHO, (but then again, I'm totally Team Edward)


Jennifer Mathis said...

kate and Leopold is my fav.

Natasha Moore said...

LOL Leigh, I'm team Edward too! And I love The Princess Bride - I haven't seen that in ages. Thanks for the reminder.

Natasha Moore said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Jennifer. Hugh Jackman...yum!

Carly Carson said...

OK. I came on to see the recommendations. The only one I see is The Princess Bride. Am I missing something (forget about Twilight, not my thing)? Unless "Kate and Leopold" is a movie? Hubby loves movies, so I thought I'd get one for Val. Day.

Natasha Moore said...

Carly, Kate & Leopold is a time-travel romance starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman.

One movie I just which I loved was Australia. (Yeah, I can't get enough of Hugh Jackman.) But it's a great adventure story as well as a romance - my guy loved it too.

Summer said...

Oh, Leigh, I agree on the Princess Bride. I LOVE that movie! Now that I think about it, I need to add that to my Facebook page and websight! LOL.