Today's Gonna Be A Good Day

Like millions of Americans, last night my husband and I went to some friends' house to watch the Super Bowl. Now none of us are die hard football fans. (My hubby is eagerly awaiting the NASCAR season to start - Daytona, next weekend!) But it was our friend, Jack's, birthday so along with our drinks and salsa and chips, we had birthday cake. I had a little more wine (yes, wine, I know beer and football are supposed to go together - but I'm not a beer drinker, never have been)than was probably a good idea the night before a work day.

We had a good time. We cheered on the Saints and laughed at all the Super Bowl ads. OK, we groaned at a few too. And noticed the unusual amount of ads featuring people in their underwear. What does that say about the marketing people in this country???? I won't bother to post the ad here, it's everywhere on the internet this morning. But casual Friday will never be the same again.

So I'm here at my computer early Monday morning, trying to string a few coherent sentences together after our little Super Bowl party. And now I have to go to the day job and wish I could be home working on my latest wip. So, this morning I leave you with the wish that this will be a good day for you. And ya know... I gotta feelin' it will be!


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