My Favorite Christmas Present

My favorite Christmas present wasn’t anything I received. I’m not bashing the gifts I did get. I loved and appreciated each and every one of them. But I bought my kids something this year that I’d been looking forward to giving them. No way did I think I would get sucked into the awesomeness that is the Wii.

And, people, this system is awesome!

I am a huge Wii advocate now. I think this gaming system is pure genius. I love the way you interact with the games. Not only with the sport games, but regular game games. Take the Harry Potter game I rented for example. I didn’t just sit on my butt with a boring regular remote in my hands. No, my remote was a wand. I had to flick my wrist to cast spells. Point and click on object, then move my arm to position them where I needed them to go. I stirred the potions, I made the fire burn hotter. I was in motion the entire time. It was sooooo cool.

Even cooler…the boxing! If you want a great upper body workout, this will do it. LOL. I was sore for days from this game. I had to share this video. I still laugh when I watch it. It’s Christmas night and my son is playing the boxing game for the first time. The quality of the video isn’t the best, but you get the idea.

Along with regular games, I bought the Wii Fit Plus with the Wii Board. I’m a gym nut anyway, but it is my goal this year to lose the last thirty pounds I haven’t been able to get off. So I thought throwing in an hour a day using the Wii board would result in a few more calories burned and maybe knock my weight loss back into gear. I consider myself a fit person, but these games are NOT easy. I have muscles that are sore I didn’t even know could be sore.

There is this one game called Super Hula Hoop. Sounds pretty simple right? Wrong. Try three full minutes of swinging your hips in large circles to keep the fake hula hoop on the Mii’s hips. Holy crap! I felt that all the way from my knees to my armpit. LOL. Or there is the Segway game where you a squatting and leaning forward on your toes. OUCH!

I got to test out exactly what an hour workout on the Wii would do for me. Monday my van was in the shop (again, sigh) and my husband had to take our other car to work. So I was stranded at home with my two kids and no way to my fitness class. Normally when this happens, I just don’t get a workout in, but this time I did. I spent 45 minutes playing Wii Fit game after Wii Fit game. Yoga, strength training, aerobic, I did everything from juggle to skateboard to run. In those 45 minutes, I burned 250 calories. Not bad. I would have burned more in the gym, of course, but that is so much better than the big fat zero I would have burned if I hadn’t done it. And the most important thing is I had fun while I did it. I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring with me back on tack with my diet and exercise routine, with a little Wii added in. I hoping to see some major improvement for the summer:)

In other news I received a review on The Feline Fugitive. It’s been awhile since I received a review so this was really nice to see.

Autumn’s Review: The Feline Fugitive by Esmerelda Bishop is a cute love story with a taste of suspense. Ms. Bishop entangles you in a story of shifters, sex and murder. Luca is a sexy cat shifter who is in love with Claudette. Even when he's a cat he has a protective streak for his life mate. Claudette is a sassy human woman, who is a bit clueless at first as to her cat’s true nature. Ms. Bishop does a great job keeping you enthralled with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.
Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Autumn!
Hope everyone has a happy New Year!!!



Natasha Moore said...

Hey, Esme! I got a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. I love it!

Nicole North said...

Ooh that sounds like a fun way to exercise! I need one! :) Congrats on the great review!

Sherry said...

I would love to have a Wii I've heard so many people talk about how much of a work out you can get and have fun while doing it. But as of right now I can't afford to get one but when I can I will.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the review. Sounds like a great book.
Happy New Year.

Abby Niles said...

Natasha--That is awesome. I'm telling you, in a few months, we are both going to see some major changes. There is no way we can't!

Nicole--Thanks for the congrats!

Sherry--I totally understand that. I wanted to get one last year, but the prices were just way to high. This year its the only thing my kids got for Christmas. (they have a big family so they got plenty, lol). But if I hadn't done it that way we wouldn't have been able to afford it either. Keep your eyes on Craigslist. I've found some awesome deals on there.


Carol Ericson said...

Esme, congrats on the review. We don't have a Wii, although I "played" tennis once on a Wii in my dentist's office! Sounds fun, although I think I'll just stick to my boring walk/run to/along the beach!

Carly Carson said...

I've only played Wii once, at the home of friends. We laughed until we cried. It was so much fun. So now you've got me thinking...

Congrats on the review!