Christmas Winter Wonderland

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Imagine snow-frosted boughs in a magical woodland, waving at you and swaying as you and your special someone begin a trek off the beaten path. Each breath brings the scent of pine and crisp, sweet air. The wind pats your cheeks and the guy beside you tightens his grip on your gloved hand. Sugar-powdery snow yields to your steps and softly whispers as your boots part a different pathway. You fling snow at each other and your laughter lofts skyward. A few snow angels later you’re brushing the season’s first snowfall from each other’s backs. Snowflakes swirl around you and tickle as they touch your lips. He pauses, pulls you into his arms in a close embrace and his lips warm yours in the most delicious way. The flame in your heart leaps higher as your bond deepens. He kisses a path down and back up your neck and nibbles just below your lobe. His softly-spoken promise teases the flame higher as it enters your ear—a hint of what lay ahead once the mountain retreat ends. Some cocoa or coffee. Sharing moments from Christmases past. Cuddling on the couch and finger-combing the windblown hair from each other’s brow. Toasting marshmallows and kissing the candied goodness from each other’s lips.

These are days that make life and love all the more worthwhile and certainly merry. How nice of nature to provide a backdrop for moments of bliss. A gift that keeps on giving fond memories long after the spring thaw.

Moments such as these don’t require jockeying for a parking place at a local mall. Or standing in a long line to complete your purchase. They chase away stress and don’t cost a dime.

But the time they take, and the love they make, are filled with a passion and fire guaranteed to melt the deepest snow before too many blinks.

As Christmas draws closer, I wish you and yours happiness and health for the holiday season and beyond. May your hearts and minds fill with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Carol Ericson said...

Shawna, thanks for painting that beautiful scene! Of course, our reality in Southern California is quite different. Christmas Day is supposed to be sunny in the mid 60's, so it should be a perfect day to walk down to the beach and walk along the sand.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Carol!

You'll have a balmier Christmas, that's for sure :) Enjoy your walk along the water's edge, and may you and yours have a wonderful Christmastime :)