Keeping the Fires Burning -- Creatively and Otherwise

Holiday times are lots of fun, but they can also become stressful. Yesterday while at a mall, I decided I wouldn’t let this busy time of year get the best of me. I entered the lot and the sea of vehicles jockeying for a parking place. Two kind drivers smiled and yielded the right of way, and I journeyed through the lanes. With temptations abounding and parties planned this month, I’d already decided parking farther away was the perfect plan. Of course, the fact space was at a minimum also set this notion in motion.

The best part of my adventure was running into some old friends and briefly catching up on what was going on in our worlds. A chat with a gentleman while browsing books started a conversation that found us discussing current fiction works of merit. After some time spent checking out various stores—and I wasn’t even shopping for gifts—I found a great bargain and then headed for the car.

Though I wasn’t at the shopping complex for too long, it seemed as though the parking lot had shrunk and vehicles would soon have to park on the curbs. A chilly wind slapped my cheeks, and I wrapped my scarf tighter. Bumper to bumper I inched my way toward the highway and freedom from the shopping frenzy. The interstate was close by, and I pointed my car toward it. With the radio on, I longed for an escape—a comforting and/or pampering escape.

Sound familiar?

If it does—or even if you’re curious as to what routes I take to remedy such desires—read on. Here are some pampering possibilities for solo or enjoyment with a significant other. Guaranteed to raise heart rates and warm you from head to heel.

Solo –

Fill your bathtub with glorious bubbles and bask. Include a bath tray and read a favorite book or sip a yummy beverage. Soak away the stress.

Treat yourself to a homemade facial mask or give yourself a sassy pedicure/manicure. He’ll appreciate your beauty and won’t be able to resist touching, kissing and tickling you.

Find some childhood photo albums and take a trip back in time.

Surround yourself in silence and practice yoga or meditation. This will slough off stress, clear your mind, and balance your mood.

Bake something extra sinful such as special brownies, cookies you’ll frost, or a festive cake. Call a couple friends and have them come over for chatting and coffee/tea while you share the pastries of the season before they spoil.

With a Great Guy –

Pick your favorite scented lotion or oil and get in touch with each other. Massage is a magical way to make stress and sore muscles disappear while making some pretty wonderful memories.

Hang out beneath the mistletoe from time to time. He won’t have any problem finding you there.

Light the fire in the hearth and then build the loving spark to a bonfire with your special guy. Heat doesn’t have to only be coming from the burning logs.

If there’s snow on the ground, build a snowman. Tossing snow at each other and tumbling into the cold stuff is fun and will eventually find you heading inside to warm up together and continue the playful moments.

Head for the mountains or a favorite retreat where the two of you will be alone. Each breath of cold air will find you hungry for the hugs and kisses the guy beside you will give. Start with an Eskimo kiss and explore some winter fantasies together.

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and beyond,

Shawna Moore
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Julie Robinson said...

Great tips, Shawna. I enjoyed this post

ShawnaMoore said...

Thanks, Julie :) Hope you and yours have the happiest of holidays :)

Best wishes always,


Carly Carson said...

Lots of great ideas. I feel calmer just reading it, lol.

ShawnaMoore said...

Great to hear, Carly. I think it's time I re-read it with the way my day has gone LOL

Happy week wishes,