Bear Shifters, Anyone?

Holly Black Bear, picture I took in Minnesota

Of course! I started out with Loving the White Bear, but I also have a confrontation with a grizzly.
I started to have a grizzly in one of my wolf shifter stories, but it seemed like too many characters and I was afraid my editor wouldn’t like it. He was just adorable too. But I went ahead and cut out all the scenes pertaining to him, and every time I re-read it for proofing, I missed him. So he will have to be in his own story too.

For now, I’m back to working on cougar shifters. I reached 30,000 words last night, not sure I’d make it because I had baby all day, had to take her to the doctor and then to the grocery store to get medicine for an ear infection.

I'm also working on Taming the White Bear and hope to have it done this year.

This weekend, I hope to make it to the halfway point!

Have a great day!!! We might get rain. Yay!~ We got some yesterday, twice, both not predicted at all and much appreciated!

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