Great Review for Choose Me

It's always great when an author knows she's found her readers. Especially when writing to a niche market like mature romances. My Silver Fox Romances are at their core small town romances. The heroes are sexy firefighters and contractors - and over 40. And while I hear from many readers that they are looking for romances with older characters, it's hard to get the message out to those readers. But I have faith that it will happen and part of that is visibility. And reviews.

Reviews are slowly coming in, and this one for Choose Me from Scandalicious Book Review made my day because I knew I'd found the readership I'm writing for. The review says in part:

"...Choose Me is silver fox romance at its best. We have easily relatable couples that are mature enough to see past the distractions and insecurities. They are mature enough to talk and more importantly, listen to each other even when they both fuck up. Experience like that is hard earned and much appreciated. I strongly recommend you try this book/series. Natasha Moore has tapped into something that has sparked an ember in my reading fire and I can’t wait to see what else she gives us next. Rick has a herd of brothers, and friends around town and Eve’s girlfriends are a hoot, so plenty of future story potential can be found in the secondary characters. In fact, Rescue Me is out now…I’ll be reading that one next!"

You can read the review in full here.  

If you'd like to read romances with mature characters, give Choose Me a try. And if you like it, recommend it to your friends, because I think word of mouth is the strongest way to reach potential readers. And to find the readers who are looking for the books we write.

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