The Relief of the Holidays

I thought I had the holidays under control, and it appears that I do. However, everything else in my life is sort of out of control.

By that I mean my job is crazy. Just a week before everyone's schedules get upset by the holiday furor, my boss announces she's leaving. Then my new boss announces that we have a major project we need to be working on, which leads me to doubt his sanity. What boss in his right mind would expect his staff, who is in the process of finalizing fifty other projects that are due at the end of the fiscal year, to just drop everything that's expected and start a new something or other that he hasn't really explained but wants completed by the first week in January?

The holidays are my relief from my job stress. All the madness that comes from cooking and cleaning and being the family diplomat when Uncle Fred eats the last deviled egg that Cousin Bertha had her eye on is a relief compared to the lunacy that is my occupation right now. At least my day occupation...the writing part of my life keeps me fairly sane, as does the reading part.

Things are hectic, but not so hectic that I've not been thinking about adventure. As in, participating in one. But I can't think of what to do. I want to plan something wild and memorable with my hubby and do it, enjoying every blissful non-working moment of it; however, I don't know what to do. As a writer, I can conceive of all kinds of things, but I really don't think my DH wants to save the world by recovering a stolen diamond from the Tower of London while dodging aliens. I need help on scaling back on what I think adventure is. In other words, I need something that realistically I can do without causing an international incident or an intergalactic war. Any ideas?

I hope your holiday shopping--wait, that's an adventure!--is going well. Mine is done, actually, so all I really need is that post holiday adventure to look forward to. Otherwise, I only get to look forward to my job, and that is, right now, a bummer. Maybe my next adventure should be dusting off my resume and scoping job sites. Hmmm...

Happy Reading!

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