Not Your Usual Christmas Tree

I love Christmas. I really do. Really. I mean it. Yeah.

But... it can be a lot of work!

So this year, hubby presented me with this:

And... it became the whole inspiration for our Christmas tree! For the first time in years, I actually enjoyed decorating it (then again, maybe the wine helped)…

Yes, I had a good time drinking... er, I mean decorating... the tree this year. I can see this theme becoming an annual tradition!

How about you? Any special tree-decorating traditions? Cocoa? Christmas carols playing in the background? 



Alyssa Kress said...

If it was a glass of wine for each decoration hung, you did very well! My tree would have been pretty naked. Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays to all!

Jenna Ives said...

LOL, thanks, Alyssa :)


Kathy Bennett said...

Hi Jenna!

That's my kind of tree! My favorite ornament was, "He sees you when you're drinking." Nothing like a little bit of feeling naughty while decorating the tree…and drinking wine! I think you've hit on a great new tradition!