Guest Author - Angela Biera

Please welcome our guest author, Angela Biera. Angela is the author of three romances, Haywire, High Wire and A Second Chance.

Here's a blurb for her newest release, A Second Chance:
Angela is a born and bred Texan. Read more about her here:

Here are some Amazon links for her books:

High Wire

A Second Chance



Carly Carson said...

Thanks for joining us, Angela. Do you have a favorite book? (I know it's hard for an author to choose.)

Unknown said...

My favorite book is Maybe Someday by Colleen Hooverz

Carly Carson said...

That's good to know. Everyone loves Colleen. I was kind of wondering which of the books you wrote was your favorite. :)

Unknown said...

Oh!! Haha!! A Second Chance is my favorite for sure.

Carly Carson said...