Veteran's Day

Since today is Veteran's Day, I wanted to acknowledge the immense sacrifice the men and women of the armed forces have made to insure each and every American their freedom.

american flag

United States Military Personnel Who Died:

World War I- 116,500

World War II- 405,000

Korean War- 54,500

Vietnam War- 58,000

Iraq/Afghanistan War through present day- 7,000

United States Military Personnel Wounded:

World War I- 204,000

World War II- 671,000

Korean War- 93,000

Vietnam War- 153,000

Iraq /Afghanistan War through present day- 51,000

United States Military personnel missing:

World War I- 3,400

World War II- 30,300

Korean War- 4,800

Vietnam War- 2,500

Iraq/Afghanistan War through present day- 2

Each of these brave men and women deserve to be remembered, not only on Veteran's Day, but every day of the year.


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Carly Carson said...

So sad. It never seems to end.