My Little Bit of Fall in Central Texas & Sold Rights to Billionaire in Wolf's Clothing for Audiobook!

Isn’t nature beautiful? It puts on a stunning display for us even if we ignore what’s going on around us because we’re just too busy to notice. I just happened to catch sight of one of my pear trees with a cascade of bright yellow leaves.
golden pears and golden leaves (640x427)

And red berries just showed up on some of my plants to provide birds with something to eat for the winter, but it always reminds me of Christmas cards and green leaves and red berries.
red berries (640x427)And crepe myrtles in fall colors. They’re “evergreen” so don’t drop their leaves, but many of them will turn burgundy in the winter.fall colors jasmine and crepe myrtles 006 (640x427)And jasmine in fall colors–I had never seen some turn pink like this!
fall colors jasmine and crepe myrtles 002 (640x427)They usually are more of the rusty color, like at the bottom of the picture, or a burgundy color also.
Okay, I’m back to working on edits for Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply!

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (487x800)

 Enjoy your day!!!
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