Thanksgiving Creep

Is it me, or did the holiday season get here a little too quickly this year? Is anyone else feeling in a rush to get ready for Thanksgiving? I know that I am, and I don't even have that much to do.

We're going to my son's for the big feast day, and so all we have to do is bring some small token of appreciation, like cookies or something. So I'm planning to bake cookies and I realize suddenly that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. How did that happen? I love the holidays, but seriously...did the earth start spinning faster or something? How did Thanksgiving creep up on me like this?

And what does that say about Christmas? Is it in, like, three days or something? Did we skip a month? Maybe two? Is it that time flies because I'm older? I remember when I was a kid that I would sit and wait for snow and the holidays and Christmas day and such. Now, I'm completely flummoxed by how quickly these big festivals arrive.

Still, I enjoy every minute of them. Even though I'm not prepared for the jubilation, I love the season of winter celebrations. The snow can be such a downer, so I'm happy to get a little festive respite from it.

How about you? Have the holidays crept up on you, too? Or were you fully prepared? Because if you were, I'd love to know your secret. Please do share!

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Carly Carson said...

I think there are 5 weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. That might make it seem longer.