How Did They Do That?

This morning was one of those mornings that included just a little bit of magic, a brief moment of quiet discovery that added a tinge of enchantment to the day. I walked out my back door to leave for work, and something caught my eye. It looked like a spider web hanging from the roof of my garage, but then when I moved to take a closer look, it disappeared.

I thought it odd, so I walked around the structure a bit. I saw it again, but then it disappeared again. Was I seeing things? It turned out I wasn't. Some crafty spider had spun a web from the roof of my garage to the ivy hanging down the side in such a way that it couldn't be seen except if one stood at a certain angle.

How did it do that?

I stood right in front of it and still couldn't see it until I moved to the side, and this was a huge spider web. Nature's trickery and a hidden world revealed in the blink of an eye; the fragility and strength of earth's creatures at once exposed and safely secreted among humankind's dwellings. I took a moment to admire it, sort of like stopping to smell the roses only sans the flowers, and reveled in the idea that the world, as Robert Louis Stevenson put it, is so full of a number of things. Yes, a number of things, including hidden, strange worlds that harbor peculiar and fascinating life forms.

Speaking of which, have you been watching the Democratic and Republican nominating conventions? I know what you're thinking: What a terrible segue! However, not really. Being a politics junkie, I've been watching both conventions and find them to be intriguing glimpses into the lives of people who inhabit a realm I couldn't possibly imagine.

I will not divulge my personal political beliefs, but I will confess that I'm captivated by the machinations of both parties. I've watched the RNC and DNC with great interest, particularly the commentators, or political pundits, and the speakers. There have been some great speakers on both sides, but I have to say that the speakers who made me think the most were Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, and not because of their political affiliations or their background stories or their achievements or their outfits or their hairstyles, etc.

No, what I find the most interesting about them is that each had to give a speech in front of millions of people that was solely intended to woo voters to select her respective spouse for one of the most influential positions in the entire world.

How did they do that?

Who wrote THAT speech? I mean, think about it. Think about giving a speech that could influence the fate of not only your husband, but millions of people if he were or weren't elected, and trying to convince people to trust him as much as you do, to love him as much as you do. To appreciate his skills and his abilities. And you have to do this without saying anything about how good he is in bed.


I couldn't do that. I couldn't stand in front of a zillion people and encourage them to vote for my husband just because he's talented, skilled, has great character, and could lead the country like a champ. No, I'd have to mention that he knows how to please a woman. That he's romantic and caring beyond measure, and that his kisses still drive me wild after all these years. I think that's important, and so I'd throw it in somewhere between talking about how he saves kittens from tree branches and helps little old ladies across the street, and I'd probably mortify my political party and everyone associated with it in the process.

However, spilling the beans about Barack's and Mitt's individual prowess might not be a bad idea. I mean, 51% of voters are women, like me, and, like me, maybe they appreciate a man who knows not only how to balance a checkbook, bake cookies for the PTO bake sale, and run a country, but who can also make a woman feel like a woman. So, whoever dishes the best on her husbands skills in the boudoir could swing the election in his favor, and believe me, the speeches at the DNC and the RNC would be even livelier. :)

What about you? Have you been watching the conventions? If so, please feel free to share what you like the most/least about them. Or share what you'd write about your husband if you had to nominate him for President of the United States--what would you say?

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