Breathing again

Hey all,

I'm caught up! I can't believe I'm actually saying that. A part of me never thought I would. Melodramatic, I know, but it's been a long couple of weeks with a chaotic schedule of very, very long days.

But I'm finally on the other end of it, working on the last thing I need to complete before I'm officially ready to buckle down and work on my next Awakening book, which I can't wait to get started.

I finished rewrites for the first book, and man, can I just say I truly love my editor. Liz Pelletier, you rock, girl! 

Even though rewrites stress me the hell out, she really knows what's she's talking about. There was an entire love scene she wanted me to cut from the book. The very first one. She said if I did that it would amp up the sexual tension and conflict between the hero and the heroine and really make the second love scene explode. I was doubtful, lol. It's a love scene, who doesn't love a love scene. LOL. But I hacked it. And damned if she wasn't freaking right!

I was amazed at how cutting that scene changed the dynamics of the second love scene. Even I was like Oh. My. God. Everything in that scene was heightened: the tension, the attraction, the holy crap is he going to  ruin everything<----to figure out what I mean by that statement, you have to read the book. :) The entire scene was amplified.

So I learned something. Sometimes, even when you're hesitant and somewhat resistant on what an editor is telling you will make a book better, go with it. Cutting up your baby is hard, trying to piece it back together is even harder, but in the end, you may be thrilled with the outcome. I know I am:)


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Natasha Moore said...

My editor edited the hell out of my Dec release. It's so much better :) I cut many things that I thought would be important, but what was added instead made all the difference.

Glad it worked out for you too!