H is for Hook-up

Happy Ending Hook-Up
 In romance novels, hook-ups often lead to happily-ever-afters. In real life? Not so much. 

How successful is the hook-up if what you want is a relationship? 

Cosmo Magazine (Oct. 2010) says less than 5% of hookups end in relationships. 

Okay, less than 5%. That's a scary number. Yes, it means some hook-ups end in relationships and you may have heard of one. But do you really want to play those odds? Would you do anything else with such a small chance of being successful? 

People do. They buy lottery tickets, when their chances of winning the big prize are much less than 5%. But would you take a roller-coaster ride when your chances of getting off alive were less than 5%? Of course not. 

And I say the hook-up game is closer to the roller coaster ride than the lottery win. Why? You have a fun ride. Where's the harm? 

The problem is that it was just a ride. It leads to nothing more. If you win the lottery, it will change your life. If you finish a roller coast ride, it's done. It doesn't change your life. 

It's the same way after a hook-up. It's over. It's done. Sayonara. 

A woman who is easy to get is a woman who's easy to leave. Men worry that if he got her so easily, other men will too. So the woman is not a challenge. She has devalued herself in the "finding a mate" game. She slides closer to being the one who's available to everyone, and therefore of little value to anyone. 

If you're going out on the town looking (even if you don't admit it) to find a relationship which will affect the rest of your life, don't indulge in a hook-up. Instead, play the odds on such an important part of your life well.

What do you all think? Is Cosmo right or wrong?

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Unknown said...

I think Cosmo is right. In life, you value the things that were the most difficult to acquire. This applies equally to men and women, I believe. Who wants a guy who hooks up with every willing woman? How likely is he to be monogamous, even if you get him to commit?

Thought provoking.