Why Do You Like to Read Menage?

My readers tell me that they want to read more menage a trois stories. Birthday Girl, my upcoming release from Samhain is a menage story. Maybe not in the traditional sense... Wait, is there a tradition for menage? In Birthday Girl, the chance for a threesome is the birthday gift Shannon's husband gives to her.

For Shannon, turning thirty means getting serious. Responsible. Old. She can’t help dreading the day she has to leave her spontaneous, crazy, young self-image behind. Then there are all those unfulfilled items on her to-do list, like that threesome she and her husband, Ty, used to fantasize about. It fell by the wayside, right along with their neglected bag of sex toys.

Her birthday dinner starts out like any other…then her present arrives at the table. Marc, an old college friend, whose edgy persona tickles her in all the right places. And that’s not all. Ty’s reserved a room at Paolo’s Playhouse—for all three of them.

By the time the playroom door closes behind them, Ty’s and Marc’s intimate touches and wicked whispers have roused her hormones to a fever pitch. But when kiss comes to nipple clamps, Shannon’s not sure she has the courage to step off the edge of fantasy and fall headlong into reality…

I can tell you why I like to read and write menage, but then I'd really like to hear from readers. Because when I write future stories, I'd love to touch on, as much as I can, the things my readers want to experience when they pick up a menage story.

One things I love about menage is the sense of the forbidden. Yeah, I guess I was one of those good girls who always wished I dared to be bad. Sex with two men at one time, yeah, pretty high up on the forbidden scale.

Then there's the chance to experience (at least vicariously) two men focused on their woman's needs. As Tyler says to Shannon, “You’ve said more than once that you wished I had more than one mouth. How wonderful it would be if you could have a mouth on your breasts and another between your legs at the same time. Remember?” Who can argue with that?

And of course, there's the emotional side of two men sharing the same woman. How can confusion and jealousy and need not get all mixed up with the desire and the amazing orgasms?

But I'd love to hear from readers who enjoy reading about threesomes. What does it for you? Why do you choose to pick up a menage story with all the other stories out there to read? Your answers may end up in my next story.

BIRTHDAY GIRL - Coming Feb 21st


WildAboutBones said...

What's not to like about a menage with two guys taking care of a gal? Or even better yet, 3 guys taking care of one gal. Being orally fixated, to have something in my mouth while getting eaten and my breasts getting oral attention too? Oh my! And if someone happens to finish a little early, there is always someone else to finish the job.
It is interesting to see the dynamics of the egos involved.
I think too that even if the sex is not always a threesome or foursome, always having a guy available to take care of my needs would be outstanding. No more "honey, I've had a hard day at work, I just want to go to sleep."
And then there is the way some M/M turns me on as well.
So again I say, what's not to like?

Dalton Diaz said...

Oh yeah, bring it on! I do love reading and writing M/F/M, but I admit I like MMF even more.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

I guess its the a desire of the forbidden, or even the emotional aspects too. I love the m/m/f & m/f/m and all the combinations as to discovery the emotional connections they develop with one another. I love emotional stories along withe hot sex..what can I say..*S*


Miranda Baker said...

I'm guessing you want more here than, "It turns me on." I love taboo. I love honesty in the form of admitting you want something you shouldn't.

Maria said...

I have to agree with Wild About Bones - what's not to like about being the center of attention between two guys? YUM! And because I'm greedy- I want the M/F/M menage

Natasha Moore said...

Mmm, Wild, I like the way you think :)

Hey, Dalton! I've yet to write MMF, maybe next time...

Hi Darcy, the emotion is always important to me too - along with the hot sex. :)

Natasha Moore said...

Hey Miranda, that's a great way of looking at it.

Hi Maria. Nothing wrong with being greedy :)

Kaylyn D. said...

I'm going to be honest I didn't discover menage until I got a kindle and now that I found it, I can't get enough. I like reading it because it is kinda forbidden. The emotions and the sex are running high and hot. I read either m/f/m or m/m/f. They aren't your mother's kind of romance and that is a good thing. lol

Harlie Williams said...

I have to agree with everyone else. What's not to like? I will say this, more than 3 in the bed is too much. As much as I like menage, I do tend to get upset if someone is left hanging in the breeze at the end. I either want a committed menage or a menage fantasy for one night/weekend and someone walks away with their heart and ego intact. I hate when an author teases you thinking that its a committed menage and the "twist" in the end is someone gets hurt and that sets up their book. I'd rather know that part up front. Am I making sense?


Dani Worth said...

I really enjoy menage books. I guess having one recently out and two more already on schedule proves that. I'm with Marika--I don't usually enjoy the stories where the menage isn't a committed relationship for all three. There are exceptions to that rule, though. I really good story is always welcome. But I do love a lot of emotion in mine.

Dani Worth

Natasha Moore said...

Hi Kaylyn, another vote for the forbidden. Glad you discovered menage.

Marika, you make perfect sense. I want to know what kind of relationship I'm rooting for when I start reading a story.

Dani, thanks for stopping by. It's obvious from the beginning that Birthday Girl isn't leading up to a committed threesome relationship, but I hope you'd enjoy it anyway.