Reading Recommendations

So I've been on a reading hiatus for a few months and feel so out of the loop. My daughter stepped on my purse back in October and broke my Kindle. I didn't believe I would be able to get it replaced since it was a Christmas gift from last year. After my SIL urged me to at least call and ask, I finally did and was sent a new one. Man, I was super excited.

The new one got here, downloaded a couple of books and then it broke. Defective. Seriously?

After working with the Amazon troubleshooter team to figure out why it kept rebooting, and rebooting and rebooting and then completely froze, they finally admitted defeat as well and sent me a new one.

Now I have one that seems to be tip-top (knock on wood) and I'm ready to download some books.

Currently, I'm reading Angela Campbell's Cry Wolf and I'm loving it. Such an awesome concept. Tabloid journalist goes to a small town in search of the werewolf the towns folks claims to have seen. Excellent. Lots of smiles and laughs with this one. Now to just get the time to finish it!

So tell me what have you read recently that you highly recommend?



Natasha Moore said...

Glad you finally have a working Kindle! If you like paranormal, have you read Thea Harrison's Elder Races series? Start with Dragon Bound. The 4th book comes out in March & I've had it pre-ordered for my Kindle for weeks now.

A.W. McQueen said...

Esme, I just finished reading a Knight in Central park. Time travel book done very well in which the reluctant hero travels back to 1499.

It's comical and endearing.

Right now I am currently reading Kim Killion's Carribean Scot. *whew* fans self.

It is really really good.