Reviews are Coming In!

I’ve received a few reviews of The Panther’s Lair and I wanted to share:)

I just came across this one and it made me smile. It’s from Goodreads and the reviewer had never read an erotic before. She did give me four stars, so I’m glad the descriptive sex didn’t sway her opinion of the story:)

“Damaris Cardinali said: "Other than the very descriptive love scenes, this story was pretty good. I am not big on Erotica and this was my first erotica book, so I am not sure what to really write. LOL "

Marrissa from Marrissa’s Book Reviews said:

Sexy men, amazing sex, and red furry handcuffs what more could a girl want? You agree, then you need to pick up The Panther's Lair, it is hot and steamy and I am not just talking about the mind-blowing sex.

I loved Sydney. She was so full of life, and took charge of her sex life. Many women could learn a few things from her. She is a strong character who wouldn't stay in an abusive relationship.

Now Raimond, oh my, after you finish reading The Panther's Lair you will want to find your own Raimond. Raimond is such a French gentleman, he is smart, and knows how to go about getting what he wants. I loved how protective of Sydney he was. I could picture him standing there staying sweet nothings to Sydney in French. I guess I have a thing for French men, they are just too sexy with their amazing accents. I was thrilled that he find his mon ame soeur (his soul mate) is Sydney. They made such a wonderful couple.

The Panther's Lair won't disappoint you. It is definitely a must read.

Diana from Books of Secrets said:

The Panther's Lair is a very hot and steamy short story about taking risks and giving love just one more chance. It is a quick read filled with tantalizing sex (M/F, some light bondage) and tempting characters. Anyone who has had a string of bad relationships could sympathize with Sydney and her desire for a night of escape. Raimond is the delicious, protective alpha male who has no trouble satisfying his mate! I enjoyed the paranormal aspects of the story. Shifters are my favorite supernatural creatures. I admit that I was left wanting to know more about Raimond and his panther-shifting abilities! I hope the author can give us more details in future stories. I would recommend The Panther's Lair to fans of erotica short stories.

Rating: 4/5



Kym said...

Congrats, Esme! Best wishes for many more!

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Congratulations on all the wonderful reviews!!