First Review for Secrets Vol. 29

We have our first review for SECRETS, VOLUME 29 Indulge Your Fantasies from RT Book Reviews.

**** 4 stars

Four sizzling, erotic tales take you from the past to the future. Each unique story features memorable characters, conflict and tangible passion. This highly anticipated anthology is a great add to your collection.

SUMMARY: In "Sweet-Talking the Opposition: by Saskia Walker, London journalist Eliza Jameson runs into an old flame. This time she plans to call the shots, but Marcus has his own agenda. On a future earth, Nathalie Gray's "Chimera" is the perfect killing tool. But his assignment involves a beautiful politician who he can't resist. In "Edge" by Dominique Sinclair, former agent Catalina is in Mexico looking for a killer. Her ex-partner Noah shows up with handcuffs to bring her back to the agency. Torr, a fierce Highland warrior, is under the spell of a witch in "Beast in a Kilt" by Nicole North. Though she's promised to a chieftain, Catriona has loved Torr since childhood. Catriona wants to seduce Torr and help him banish his curse. ~Reviewed by Gail Pruszkowski


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