Let's Start a Conversation

I loved the previous post about Amazon and Konrath. I love that digital publishing is changing the publishing industry and can't wait to be a part of it. But first...

Let's start a conversation.

This conversation is an extension of one my hubby and I had a few days ago, when, in the midst of fighting with a male character who seemed to want to do his own thing, I decided to vent to my wonderful significant other. He's very good about listening to me because, mainly, he isn't really listening. He knows I'm rambling about people who don't really exist, about my characters, so he just needs to listen while he's doing other things, like solving the problem of the best way of bringing about world peace.

During this particular conversation, we were (translation: I was) lamenting how men and women think differently. How men expect this and that. How men value this over that. How men WANT beautiful women.

My hubby stopped me right there.

"No, they don't," he said simply. I rolled my eyes.

"Of course, they do! Everyone knows a man wants a status symbol to show off," I complained.

That's when he told me a "man secret." You know, those secrets that men pass from man to man but refuse to divulge to women unless they A) seduce them with feminine wiles or B) bitch and moan so much the man can't stand it. The latter was probably the case in this situation.

"Look, if a guy marries a beautiful woman, he'll have to always be worried about other guys stealing her away and about having to beat the crap out of those guys," he explained with the patience of Mother Theresa.

I thought about this for a moment. It made sense. It was logical. However, it raised one very important question:

"Um, then you married ME because I'm not beautiful?" I asked.

He didn't miss a beat. I think he'd prepped for this.

"Nah, I like to worry, and I don't mind beating up other guys who hit on you," he said, smiling the smile of the truly victorious. Well, what can I say? He was. lol

It does bring up an interesting conundrum, just as Carly's post did. What do you think? Why do men marry the women they marry? I wouldn't ask, but my latest hero might be committing to his woman for the wrong reasons, and that just will NOT do.


Carly Carson said...

Your husband is smart. And so are you, to spot the flaw in his argument right away! As for the song, it's funny, but I'm not sure I think there's a word of truth in it.

Gas said...

You know as we men get older we get somewhat wiser .. previous marriage last 23 years .. without any of the two of us straying I may add .. I have to say I married in Scotland (Jane) who was rather attractive, not because of her beauty or her brain .. I married her due to my inexperience of women. I had no idea what I was getting in to. Even her mother took me aside and warned me what I would be getting in to. I heeded no one .. when I got married to her I thought that I would be married for life and aimed to be so, she (Jane) was rather controlling even when we first got married but that control grew each year. That being said I tended to let her do the controlling as I am rather soft .. any arguments we had I would always have to be the one to say sorry ..

Anyway .. long story short, I am married again for the second time, this time to a sweetheart of a gal in Canada, yes we met online and yes I moved to Canada to be with her and her kids. I married her because I saw in her what I really wanted, a partnership .. one where there was balance and no hierarchy.

We are blissfully happy .. poor but rich with love.