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Even before I started writing romance fiction, I embraced reading about and watching heroes in movie theaters and on television. Something about those men who remained determined and courageous when facing danger and doom. Men who gave their utmost to save their loved ones and humanity whenever the need arose. I always remained riveted by their bravery and cunning as they revealed the same.

Yesterday my significant other suggested a movie he was certain I’d enjoy. He couldn’t have chosen better. From beginning to end I embraced the plot and characterization in THE POSTMAN. Kevin Costner’s performance was powerful, and I admired the way this movie succeeded in appealing to a masculine and feminine audience. It’s not often when a guy and girl agree on a movie’s impact, but this flick delivered drama, action and romance in perfect measure in my opinion. Not pithy or boring at any point, and I’m one who’s a fairly harsh critic when it comes to the end worth of a movie ticket or time spent watching at home. I cheered, laughed, cried and warmed all over during various moments while this story unfolded.

Here’s a bit for your viewing pleasure –

Later in the evening, I pondered some of my other favorite movie heroes found clips to share with you.

My ultimate favorite movie hero embodied justice and radiated appeal, all without removing a bit of clothing or flexing his muscles. Although the movie in which Atticus Finch was dealt an ultimate task of defending a controversial case wasn’t a romance, I believe he’s a man most women would admire and adore. Here’s a clip from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD –

A defender of the downtrodden is captured in the book and movie character, Tom Joad. Hemingway’s masterpiece, THE GRAPES OF WRATH, shows Henry Fonda in some of his finest acting moments as he isn’t afraid to go the distance when it comes to championing the cause of displaced Dust Bowl Okies and those whose hunger for food and hope for shelter seems doomed.

Tom Hanks shines as Forrest Gump—a man who rose above physical and mental handicaps to achieve goals, save lives, and start a lucrative business. He remained upbeat despite his tormenters and detractors and finds love and fathers a son with his best friend.

Who are some of your favorite movie heroes and what makes them memorable?

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