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What Romantic Times Book Reviews says about HIGHLAND REBEL by Tess Mallory —

“. . . Adventurous, romantic, fast-moving . . . 4 Stars!“

Hi Peeps! Welcome to the Wild World of Time Travel Romance! If you’re a stranger to this genre, let me assure you that while my books are jam-packed with the adventurous side of traveling through the space/time continuum, they also center around the blossoming relationship between a woman and a man!

In HIGHLAND REBEL, my latest book from BERKLEY SENSATIONS, the woman happens to be Ellie Graham, the Goth-influenced band manager of Celtic rock and roll star, Ian MacGregor. You guessed it - Ian is the man in this romantic adventure, and is he ever a hunky hunk. (I really think I outdid myself this time. Let me know what you think!)

Ellie is unaware that Ian is a time traveler who journeyed to the future with the help her sister, Maggie. All she knows is that she is head over heels in love with the Scottish bad boy, and since Ellie has had a fear of loving anyone ever since her parents died, she does what she always does — she runs. But this time her panicked flight sends her to an ancient cairn, where the tri-spiral (or triskele) carved into the floor takes her back to the year 1734. Ian follows, and there he learns that the brothers and father he left behind have become part of the dreaded Black Watch! It is up to him to save his family, his country, and the woman he loves . . . he is the HIGHLAND REBEL!!

Woo! How’s that grab you? :) ) In a good way, I hope. Speaking of good things — I’m having a contest, and rather than repeat a bunch of stuff here, please go to my blog on myspace at www.myspace.com/tessmallory or the blog on my fanspace at www.myspace.com/tessmalloryfanspace to find out how to win a free book, a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble, and a Celtic necklace just by talking up my books on message boards!!

I love to hear from my readers — write me at tessmallory@yahoo.com

Remember . . . Love is Timeless! Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Loving!

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Mallory your book sounds very interesting and I have added it to my TBB list.

I have just recently discovered time-travel books.