New Intrigue Cover

There's nothing more thrilling than seeing the cover for your book for the first time! This week I got the cover for my February Harlequin Intrigue, CIRCUMSTANTIAL MEMORIES. Intrigue has been doing a fabulous job on our covers, and my Feb. cover is no exception. I love my cowboy (he's actually a covert ops cowboy) - strong, handsome, determined.

I knew I was going to have a child on this cover because my editor asked for a specific description of the child in the book for the cover. Usually I'm not thrilled with children on romance book covers, although I know Harlequin uses them a lot. BUT - the girl on the cover is adorable and she's a perfect match for the story. Also, despite the little girl on the cover, I think the cover does a good job of conveying a sense of danger or apprehension - the placement and mood of the characters and the shadows and background. Since the story takes place in the Colorado Rockies, I think that's a cave wall behind them.

I think four out of the six Intrigue covers for Feb. feature cowboys, but I'm not complaining! The only thing better than a cowboy on the cover is a shirtless cowboy, or a shirtless cowboy in tight jeans, or a shirtless cowboy with tight jeans and the top button of his fly undone or a shirtless cowboy...OK, you get the picture. This is Intrigue, not Blaze!

Anyway, I love my cover. What are some of your favorite covers?


Anne Rainey said...

I love the cover! Gorgeous!!

Nicole North said...

It's beautiful, Carol! He's a hottie! ;-)

Carol Ericson said...

Thanks, Anne and Nicole. I think he's a hottie too!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Carol Ericson said...

Thanks, Kate. Not as hot as our Secrets covers, but there are no menage a trois in Intrigues either!

ShawnaMoore said...

Carol, I believe this is my favorite of your covers. Of course, I love cowboy heroes, but this pose is gorgeous :)


Happy weekend wishes,