Juliet Burns reveals The Spy's Surrender

Juliet Burns lives in Texas with her husband of twenty years and their three active kids. She likes to think her emotional nature—sometimes referred to as moodiness by those closest to her—has found the perfect outlet in writing stories filled with passion and romance. Juliet spent her youth with her nose in a book, immersed in the worlds of Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennett, and believes romance novels have the power to change lives with their message of eternal love and hope. Her newest release is THE SPY’S SURRENDER, in Red Sage’s Secrets anthology, Vol 26 Bound By Passion on shelves now! And she has 2 more books being released in 09; LET IT RIDE, a Harlequin Blaze in May of 09, writing as Jillian Burns, and another novella for Red Sage Secrets, Vol 28 called THE PIRATE’S POSSESSION in December 09. For more information and excerpts you can visit her website www.julietburns.com

Nicole: Welcome Juliet! Thanks for being here to answer questions today. Congratulations on your latest release! Please tell us about The Spy's Surrender in Red Sage Secrets Volume 26, Bound By Passion. Beautiful cover by the way!

Juliet: THE SPY’S SURRENDER –my first novella for Red Sage Secrets is an erotic romance about a British spy fighting Napoleon who is captured, and the beautiful courtesan who is enlisted to save him.

After years of surviving on her wit and beauty, the famous courtesan Eva Werner is the perfect double agent, England’s secret weapon against Napoleon. Her orders are to attend a sadistic marquis' depraved house party and rescue a British spy being held prisoner. But when she’s forced to make the spy her slave for the Marquis’ pleasure, her hardened heart melts in the fiery arms of the handsome officer. Will she sacrifice her secret identity and surrender to a spy?

Major Ambrose Delacourt was captured behind enemy lines. Now he’s a prisoner of the Marquis de Séréville, Napoleon’s Master Spy. In order to determine if a stunning blond courtesan is his rescuer or a treasonous double agent, Ambrose must become her love slave. But as the weekend orgy continues, mistress becomes slave and slave becomes master. Will they both end as pawns in a mad man’s treacherous war game?

Nicole: That sounds exciting and hot! What inspired you to write this story?

Juliet: I was inspired by a romance novel called THE LILY BRAND by Sandra Schwabb. In her novel a British soldier is captured and then bought from prison by a mad woman and enslaved.

Nicole: Cool! Since you also write contemporary romance, do you find you have a different process or tone of voice in your historical stories?

Juliet: The tone of voice is completely different. With Historicals, the language is more lush and…well, British or--in the case of my pirate story--Scots/Irish. With my contemporaries, the language is pure American and a lot of military slang had to be researched.

Historical stories seem to come easier for me, despite the extensive research. Historical Romance is my first love for pleasure reading and, to me; the restraints of the times lend themselves to conflicts more easily.

But the process in how I develop the story is the same for both. Being plot-driven, I already have a very basic idea for a plot in my head. I interview my characters, develop their goals, motivations and conflicts, brainstorm turning points and black moments with my critique partners, and then make a brief chapter outline that eventually expands into a synopsis.

Nicole: That's interesting! Do you have a review you could share with us?

Juliet: I sure do!

Cocktail Reviews has given THE SPY’S SURRENDER 4.5 (Champagne) Flutes!

“This is an enjoyable, exciting and action-packed historical romp with two sympathetic characters. I really liked Ambrose – he’s sexy and honourable – and Eva is sharp-witted and courageous. The first sex scene has Eva as a dominatrix, which was both a pleasant surprise and also a great way of establishing their characters. The dirty versions of Shakespeare plays are an inspired touch, too. A great read – 4 and a half flutes.”

Read the review here.

Nicole: That's a fantastic review! What was hardest for you in writing this story and why?

Juliet: Motivating the villain. There is a fine line between a sadistic sociopath and an over the top caricature of the wicked bad guy twirling his mustache and cackling wildly while tying the damsel to a train track.

Nicole: LOL That's true. What is your favorite thing about this story and why?
Juliet: Besides a super sexy hero forced to become a love slave? Probably the strength of the heroine. I love a strong heroine who can save herself.

Nicole: So do I! Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

Juliet: I have a list of my top ten things to do to get published on my website, but probably the most important thing for me has been to keep writing, every day if possible. Even if you think you’re writing crap. You can’t learn to play a violin well without practicing everyday, and the same is true with writing. There’s always something new to learn about how you write.

And don’t give up.

Nicole: Wonderful advice! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Juliet: Yes! Do you love a strong heroine who can save the day? Or do you prefer the hero to sweep in and save the heroine? And…Once you read THE SPY’S SURRENDER, what is your favorite thing about the story?

Nicole: Thanks again for being our guest here today, Juliet! It's been fun!
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Anonymous said...

good morning juliet!

How fun to learn so much so early in the morning! lol.

I too love a strong heroine - but I have to admit I have a soft spot for those save the day heroes!!

Chris k

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Juliet!

Great interview. I can tell the folks that The Spy's Surrender is a fabulous, hot, and sexy story!

I love a strong heroine. Let her kick some butt!



Cynthia Eden said...

Great interview! Congrats on the release!

Mia Varano said...

Hi Juliet, great interview. A depraved houseparty with love slaves? I'm there! I enjoy both the hero sweeping in and saving the day AND a strong heroine. I like it when the strong heroine makes a courageous but brash decision to rush in on her own to get the bad guy, and then the hero rushes in to save her! Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE a strong heroine - especially when they don't just come across as an over-the-top, ball-busting heartless hussy! There is such a fine line between being a strong woman and simply being a *itch. You skate it perfectly! Eva is inarguably tough - but she is SOOOOO sympathetic. That's something a lot of writers seem to miss on the "strong heroine" front. In order for me to buy the act and still root for her, she darn sure better have a reason and a history to back up her actions. Eva certainly has that - and I love her! Way to go Jules!!!

Shannon Robinson said...

Great interview ladies!! I really enjoyed reading about Juliet's The Spy's Surrender and have added it to my TBR list.
I generally prefer the independent heroine, but don't mind when the hero tends to sweep in and rescue her too. No matter how independent we try to be, it's always nice to rely on the hunky male once in a while. :)

Larissa Ione said...

Juliet!!!! Congratulations on your release! I'm picking up my copy at my local Borders on Sunday (I called to make sure they had it!)

I'm so thrilled for you, and I can't wait to read your story!

Natasha Moore said...

Yay, Juliet! I just got my copy today and have already started The Spy's Surrender! I don't think I'll get any writing done tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, CP! And great review. As you know, my tastes run to slightly less erotic than yours, but I truly loved this story. It definitely has a plot and a good one. I like a heroine who is strong enough to save herself, and Eva is all that. I don't mind a hero jumping in to help, as long as it's not because the heroine has made some Too Stupid to Live decision.

Mary Marvella said...

It's hard to name a favorite, but I always love Stephanie Plum and Eve Dallas, go figure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, Shannon, Linda, Natasha, Mary, Larissa! Mia, Cynthia, Chris Renee! Thank you all for coming here and posting! and for the kind words about Spy! I've tried posting twice but I dont see my comments... Just didn't want you to think I've ignored you.
I loved this story and I'm glad you did too, or are adding it to your reading list.
I'm so thrilled to have this book released and so lucky to have such wonderful friends!
Hugs everyone!