Kilted Lover & What is Caber Tossing??

I'm thrilled to say I've sold my third erotic romance novella to Red Sage! This is a fun contemporary with a touch of paranormal called Kilted Lover. This story was inspired by the Highland Games (or Scottish Games) and begins at such an event. The hero has an interesting hobby--he tosses the caber.

Here's a blurb of Kilted Lover: When kilted caber-tosser Scott MacPherson tosses Leslie Livingston over his shoulder to rescue her from two armed thieves trying to steal her priceless amulet, they are thrust into a deadly but sexy adventure. Though Leslie already has a lukewarm, uninterested boyfriend, her attraction to Scott is white-hot and undeniable. She wants to lick this tall, muscular alpha male all over and explore the depths of eroticism with him. But will he want anything more than one night once the danger is behind them?

If you haven't been to Highland Games you may not know what 'tossing the caber' means, so I have some video clips below.

How not to toss a caber!

In other news, I've just finished making corrections to the galley of Devil in a Kilt which will be part of the Red Sage anthology Secrets Volume 27, out July 09. Woohoo! Yes, I enjoyed it. How twisted is that? :-)
Nicole North


ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

Great videos. I'm glad you shared them with us :) Congratulations on completing those corrections on Devil in a Kilt!!! Woo hoo!!!! I know that story will feature an irresistible Scotsman :) Oh, and if he's devilish, Helle might be tempted LOL

Blessings and all the holiday best,

Shawna -- who wants to go to the Highland Games one of these days.

Lexi said...

Congratulations on your latest sale!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Nicole, mega congrats on the new sale to Red Sage. I'm so proud to be appearing with you in Secrets Volume 27. What an amazing line up we have, such a great span of genres, yet each of them wicked hot. :)

Nicole North said...

Shawna, thanks! Yes, he is very devilish and irresistible! LOL! I bet you would enjoy the Highland Games.

Lexi, thanks a bunch, lady!
I'm excited!

Liane, thank you! I'm very honored to be in Volume 27 with you! As well as Hannah and Leigh. You are all such talented writers! Wicked Hot, that would be a great title... if only Wicked hadn't been used last time. LOL!

Mia Varano said...

Nicole, that caber tossing is a weird "sport." LOL Congrats on your upcoming release in Vol. 27. Can't wait!

Nicole North said...

Yes, it is a weird sport, Mia. LOL! But fun to watch. And thanks!!! I'm excited to be in Vol. 27!!!