Lost - Desmond

Who watched Lost last night? I can't decide whether I liked it or not. It seemed a delay tactic or "fill in" show, though it did kinda answer one of my questions from last week--how did Desmond know lightning was going to strike at Clair's tent? Desmond is a really neat, interesting character that I like alot. He's Scottish, so how could I not like him?? I like his accent, his insecurities. He's a real cutie, especially when he shaves and combs his hair. :-) Speaking of insecurities, he has plenty... he walked away from the love of his life trying to find "honor," he's been stuck in a hatch for 3 years, part of that time completely alone. He likes to drink whiskey too much. But ultimately he's willing to sacrifice himself to save the world, or at least the people on the island.

(Spoiler warning.) As for last night's episode, the time travel element was different and interesting for this show. Usually flashes of other places besides the island signal "distant backstory." But not in this case. I was almost as confused as he was. But that's part of the fun of Lost, right? Trying to figure out what the heck is going on. So, when Desmond turns the failsafe key inside the hatch and it blows up (at the end of season 2), he briefly time-travels back to approximately 3 years into his past and decides to leave things as they are because he's "supposed to." (??) He has to endure losing Penny again. (His own decision.) And now he can see the future and what's going to happen. That part still isn't clear to me. Is it because he's already lived the future? When the white-haired lady revealed why she didn't try to save the man's life, though she could see into the future like Desmond, I startedthinking...Desmond has saved Clair's life twice now (saves her from drowning too) ... so does that mean Clair is destined to die soon, one way or another? But no, Desmond says Charlie is the one destined to die soon, and that really he has saved Charlie's life twice, instead of Clair's. Yikes!

Don't know much about Desmond? Here's an interesting YouTube video.

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