Rolling Stones to Tour Europe in Fall 2017

Exciting news!! On Tuesday the Rolling Stones announced a new tour of Europe...

Sep 09 Hamburg DE
Sep 12 München DE
Sep 16 Spielberg AT
Sep 20 Zürich CH
Sep 23 Lucca IT
Sep 27 Barcelona ES
Sep 30 Amsterdam NL
Oct 03 København DK
Oct 09 Düsseldorf  DE
Oct 12 Stockholm SE
Oct 15 Arnhem NL
Oct 19 Paris FR
Oct 22 Paris FR

I feel a possible trip coming on... maybe to Italy in September?  Wonder if I can drag Leigh Court along...

How about you? Is there one musical group you'd follow anywhere? The Stones was the first band I ever saw in concert (my parents took me to see them when I was twelve years old) and since then I've been obsessed, er, I mean infatuated with them, travelling to different cities and countries to see them play :) 

Hmm. Better check to make sure my passport is up-to-date... Ciao!

Until next month,

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