I'm sitting here enjoying the silence as I sip on a cup of coffee. The silence is pretty important right now. The next five hours will be my last for ten weeks. Yep, it's the time again...summer vacation.

My kids don't technically get out until Friday at noon, but since I work the other job on Thurs. an Fri morning, this IS my last morning of my writing schedule.

I've been MIA for awhile and I'd like to apologize for that. May has been an especially hectic month. I've had two releases, two blog tours and the looming school year end. I've tried to get as close as to prepared for the break I'm going to be forced to take over the next ten weeks. I guess I'm as prepared as I can be.  I've finished the third book of my Awakening Series, which was a biggie I needed to get done before the kids were home full-time. My deadline for the last book in my Love to the Extreme Series isn't for a few months, so I'm not under any crucial deadlines. And I should finish the proposals I need to send out today.

So bring on summer vacation :)

I don't have any huge plans. I am taking my kids to Kool Park this weekend. I haven't been since I was a teenager. Kool Park was the IT pool when I was a kid. The pool is huge and has an awesome water slide.The twins have never been, but I think they are at an age they will appreciate the full Kool Park experience. As for me? I'm just looking forward to some time away from my computer, this house and my other job. I feel like that has been all I've been doing for two months. Actually there is no feel about it. It is all I've been doing for two months. LOL. I need to play a little too.

Usually I dread summer vacation because I know how much it cuts back my writing, but this year has been so freaking slammed. I've written four books, edited two and had two releases. I need the break as badly as the twins need it. So, while I plan to carry around my trust notebook and pen, I need to detach my laptop from my lap and just go and do. My brain needs some serious time off. I still will write, but it won't be the chaotic schedule I usually keep. With anywhere from five to nine kids in this house at all time, it won't be possible. So I'm just going to enjoy, not stress.

What are your plans for summer?

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