My date with the Rolling Stones

I had the thrill of a lifetime last month when I flew to New York (actually, to New Jersey) to see the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary concert on December 15 at the Prudential Center in Newark.

In fact, the event was so once-in-a-lifetime (I mean, what other rock & roll band is still together after 50 years?!?!) that hubby decided to get seats quite close to the stage. What a thrill! With the zoom lens of my new Canon camera, the concert was an up-close-and-personal experience I will never forget.  

It was also a Pay Per View special, which meant there were lots of 'special guests' playing on classic Rolling Stones songs.  Take a look!

Me in front of the stage
Mick Jagger
Ron Wood, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts
Mick Jagger singing Gimme Shelter with Lady Gaga
Guitarist John Mayer playing on Goin' Down


Bruce Springsteen with Mick on Tumbling Dice
As I mentioned, the event was available on Pay Per View, but for a Rolling Stones fan, there was nothing like being there in the audience in person! It was an experience I'll never, ever forget. 

How about you? Is there one band you'd be thrilled to see perform live? Or already have??
Jenna Ives


Gerri Bowen said...

Very cool, Jenna!

Unknown said...

Okay, so I officially hate you now! LOL What a dream come true.

Robin Bielman said...

Wow! You were SO close to the stage. That is awesome. I saw the Rolling Stones a *long* time ago and remember it being a great concert.

Robena Grant said...

Fantastic, Leigh. That must have been a fun and amazing event. some of my favorite singers in those photos. : )

I'm also a huge Stones fan and got to see them in L.A. many years ago (late eighties, I believe) and I've never, ever forgotten the event. : )

Charlene Sands said...

Oh wow! That's a thrill to see all those mega stars up close and personal!! I love when "stars" drop in on the their friends concerts. Very cool!

Unknown said...

Lucky you! I'm sure it was awesome.

Now a note about you, and I mean this in the best possible way. Whenever I read an erotic novel, I have an image of the author in my mind. IDK why, but I do. You, my dear, look nothing like I imagined. LOL You look like a saint! See, you gotta watch those quiet ones. :-)

Jenna Ives said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! Yes, it was a thrill for me to be thisclose to the stage, LOL!

And Carolyn -- it was a big decision for me to post that photo of myself, because the reaction I usually get is "You write WHAT?!?" Usually people peg me for a schoolteacher, LOL. But I'm so thrilled with that photo that I wanted to share it!


Sam Beck said...

Okay, seeing the Rolling Stones in concert, with special guest appearances by Gaga, John & Bruce? That, my friend, is a pretty good weekend! Loved the pics!

I think the last concert I went to was Super Diamond at the Hollywood Bowl. Fun, and all, but not as epic as the Stones.

Carly Carson said...

Lucky you! I have a thing for Keith Richards ever since reading his biography. An amazing band.

Lynne Marshall said...

Hi Jenna!
I loved seeing your pictures. What a kick, and I must say, Mick still looks pretty good.
I have been lucky to see Michael Buble recently, and a few years back, Van Morrison. I can't afford to see all the groups I'd like to.
Lucky you.

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Looks like a fabulous time. I'm not a big fan of concerts, mostly because they leave me with a three-day pounding headache. Can't take the noise unless it's in an outdoor setting. That said, given the opportunity, there are some I'd still pay to see and then live through the post-fun pain.

Janie Emaus said...

I'm so jealous! I can't remember the last concert I went to, but I would have loved to been at this one.

Jennifer Lynne said...

Great pics, Jenna! Looks like you had a terrific night.

Oh, and I just bought Snow White and Her Seven Lovers - couldn't resist the title :)

Anonymous said...

Love! The Stones are my all-time favorite band. I've seen them three times, and I have every intention of seeing them when they come to L.A. this year for their 50th. Hope we can snag some good seats like you! Looks like you had a great time.

Carol Ericson said...

Hmm, don't know why my comment went in as's me!

Natasha Moore said...

Wow. What a great experience!

Jenna Ives said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. The concert was definitely a night I'll remember... forever!