Maison Domine by Skylar Kade

When I first journeyed into writing erotica, I never hoped to be the company of such amazing writers as Natasha Moore and Jenna Ives—but here I am, the third of our Binding Ties collection.

Maison Domine takes place at an exclusive BDSM retreat, where my heroine has been sent by her best friend. The straitlaced Lara Brunner has sacrificed everything for her career as a research chemist, but when her health starts taking a toll, drastic measures are called for. Though Lara realizes she may need to learn to relax a bit, domination and submission seems a little extreme to her. Until she meets her weekend-long trainer, Jax. Far from letting her stay locked in her room with a book all weekend, he introduces her to the decadent experience of sexual submission. Lara had never imagined that letting go could feel so damn good. Nor did she ever think someone as sexy as Jaxon Greene would be there to catch her when her knees grew weak from sexual desire.

Lara, always the self-reliant one, wanted to balk at the idea of having her wrists bound, but something inside her—that wild, under-nurtured part of her—persuaded her to give it a try. And in that bondage, she found a freedom so surprising, she could not get enough of it, or of Jaxon.

As a writer and a woman, I love the irony of sexual bondage bringing freedom. Touch is such a powerful sensation, and when you are unable to have that tactile pleasure, when you are forced to simply lie in anticipation for your partner’s touch, it heightens arousal to an incredible level. Will he draw a finger across your naked back, or blow warm breath across your ear? Or will his hand land a deliciously stinging blow across your butt? Part of Lara wants to rebel against the sheer idea of submissiveness, but as Jaxon brings her to a level of pleasure she’s never experienced, she can’t deny him.

Find an excerpt of Maison Domine here.

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Natasha Moore said...

Hi Skylar! Thanks for joining us today. I know I'm so excited about this anthology and I can't wait to read Maison Domine!

Nicole North said...

Hi Skylar! I'm glad you're at FR today sharing a glimpse at your story! Sounds hot and yummy!!! Congratulations on the release!

Jenna Ives said...

I'm so thrilled to be part of this series of sexy stories with Skylar & Natasha :)

Can't wait to read Maison Domine!