Where has all the intelligent writing gone?

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time watching old movies and re-reading some of the classics. After a few weeks of swimming in some of the most amazing writing for both the “silver screen” and the printed word, I started to wonder. What caused us drift away from such brilliance? Now, I wouldn’t say that all of the new stories that have come out in the last hundred years lacked luster, but the volume of good choices has gotten less. What’s caused this downslide?

Publisher say they only give the consumer what they want, but is that true? Of course the almighty dollar plays a huge role it what’s available to us, but as consumers aren't we’re the ones that have the control.

So what can we do to give a fertile field for good writing to be published? Well, I know that I for one am going to be more selective in my choices for both movies and reading. My money alone might not mean anything to the publishers or producers, but when it’s added to others it’s a figure that could get some attention.

As a published author, I can also do something that consumers can’t. I can offer quality, not just quantity to my publisher. Making money is important to every author, but if I have to make it at the cost of giving away my creativity, that’s a price I’m not willing to pay.

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