Under the Kilt Contest continues...

Hi, everyone. You still have time to enter my Under the Kilt contest. Please see my post below (Sept. 15) for full details. You have two ways to win books...1) answer the question "What's worn under a kilt?" by commenting here or on the Sept. 15 post. If you are shy and prefer not to post your answer here, you can email me at nicole @ nicolenorth .com (remove spaces.) But I warn you I want to post the winning answer, which will be the funniest and most creative. :-) 2) the second way to enter is by joining my mailing list newsletter at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nicolenorthnewsletter/
Both easy and/or fun huh? :-)

Kilt trivia

My favorite kilt saying: "a man in a kilt is a man and a half."

The kilt is the national dress of Scotland. This article of clothing started life being entirely confined to the Highlands. The Lowlanders, who have always made up the majority of Scots, regarded what they considered a "barbarous" form of apparel with "loathing and contempt" and conferred the derogatory term of "redshanks" on the Highlanders. Today anyone with the smallest claim to Scots ancestry proudly wears the kilt.

...what happens when a man wears a kilt to work.

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