Scotland Day 8, part 3: Durness to Ullapool

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to my Scotland trip! I've been writing and revising some things I needed to get done.

After leaving Sango Bay and the Durness area in North West Sutherland, we traveled south that afternoon toward Ullapool in the Wester Ross region. We passed through some amazing and beautiful scenery in this part of the Highlands.

We saw the ruins of the 16th century Ardvreck Castle. If you squint you can see it. The driver wouldn't stop and I was on the opposite side fo the bus, sooo I was lucky to get this tiny glimpse.

The roads through this area were mostly one lane and very interesting. They have passing places here and there for vehicles to pull into if they meet another car. Sheep actually own the roads and control the traffic here (or at least they think they do.)

Below is a view out our hotel room window in Ullapool. It's a lovely small villiage and active fishing and ferry port that was built in 1788 by the British Fisheries Society.

We took a walk from the hotel to a footbridge that passed over a nice stream and then back through the town to the harbor where boats are docked. We shopped here for a bit then went back to the hotel for dinner.

The next morning, we left Ullapool for another scenic drive around Loch Broom and toward Gruinard Bay. Again lots of breathtaking views. The heavy mist added to the wonderful ambience.

I made a video slide show with music so you could see how beautiful this area is.

Or you can just look at a slideshow of the large photos if you want.

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