Thank You

Hi Everyone,

First, I want send out a big congratulations to Vonda for taking first place in the SMRW Laurie Contest!!!

Next, I would like to thank my very dear, and longtime friend, for inviting me to join her on her blog. This is such a thrill for me. What makes this experience even more exciting is that I’m sharing it with a friend.

I’m not sure what you all know of me, or my work, but as Romantic Times editor, Liz French, wrote that I’m the grandmother that beat the system. That's because I didn’t have my first novel published until I was 59 years old. I know that’s a rather “mature” age to venture into a career like this, but I believe that things happen to us when they’re supposed to. Of course, I didn't mention that it took me a long time to learn how to write.

I had never taken a creative writing class, or even an online workshop when I started. So I knew absolutely nothing about writing. Yet, by a stroke of fate I found an amazing critique partner that showed me how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I will forever be in her debt. Thank you, Vonda.

That brings up a subject that I thought might be a good place to start with my first blog. I know that many of you are just starting on the road to publication and are confused as to what makes up a good critique partner.

Finding a critique partner is like buying a new pair of shoes. You must try them on to see if the fit it's a good one. It might take you a few tries before you find the right critique partner, but that's ok. You have to remember that this is your work and your career that's on the line. So the fit must be terrific.

One of the most important things to remember is that the best critique partners are ones that don’t try to change your voice. They make suggestions. They might even smack your fingers when you’ve done something wrong, but whatever they do, you’re the one that must feel comfortable with them.

Once you find the right one you’ll see how they make your talent shine. They're truly their weight in gold. Thank you, Vonda for being the one brought out the brilliance in my writing.

Now, I hope I didn't monopolize the blog with babble my first time out. I thank you again for inviting me here. :-)


Vonda Sinclair said...

Oh, how nice, Sloan! Thank you, lady! You have always been a fantastic and very helpful critique partner AND a wonderful friend as well! I'm so glad you've joined this blog!

Kerry Blaisdell said...

Finding a good CP was probably the #1 thing that got me where I am today. Unfortunately, we've drifted apart in terms of goals and styles, but along the way, I picked up two more with whom I'm still going strong. There's nothing like the support (and swift kicks in the pants ;?)) you can get from a solid CP relationship.

Anonymous said...

I'm a believer in the fact that people come into our lives when we need them.

Your previous CP set you on the right path and now you have a good foundation for your writing. That's the best lesson any writer can learn.