Two Favorite TV Shows

Did anyone watch "America's Next Top Model" last night? Long-time romance novel cover model Fabio was a guest and he posed with each of the girls for "romance novel cover" shots. It was pretty cool. At first I thought, oh no, we're in store for some romance bashing. But it didn't happen (at least not on screen.) There were a few things that were over the top and "purplish," reminiscent of the romance novels of the late 80's, but I feel they portrayed romance novels in a positive light. Thank you, Tyra, and I love the show!

I also watched "Lost". Poor Sawyer. If he isn't conning someone, he's getting beaten up or tortured. But we find out in this episode that he does have a heart. I also think it's pretty cool that "Lost" has a Scotsman on board, Desmond. Now, how did he know lightening was going to strike where it did? Hmm. I love the paranormal phenomenon on this show.


Elizabeth Delisi said...

I love the paranormal aspects to it, too. I hope we don't find out it's all man-made mischief...I like the mystery. That Sawyer is darned cute...he just needs to mend his ways. A little. ;-)


Vonda Sinclair said...

I agree with you, Liz. I really love all the mystery of the island. And Sawyer is great, a bad boy with his heart of gold well hidden. Sometimes I wondered if it would come out. He's very complex with good and bad traits. One of the best characters on the show if you ask me. :-)