Fyvie Castle

Last week on Most Haunted (Travel Channel, 10pm Fri) the crew visited Fyvie Castle in Scotland. I found this to be one of the most interesting Most Haunted shows I've seen. A little history...Fyvie is one of the most impressive castles in Scotland. Located in Aberdeenshire, Fyvie's history began in the year 1211. Famous names associated with the castle include William the Lyon, Alexander II, Edward I of England, Robert the Bruce, King Charles I.

The castle is said to have many ghosts, one of which is the ghost of Dame (or Lady) Lilias D. Drummond, the wife of one of the former lords, Sir Alexander Seton. They lived here during the early 1600s. Legend says her husband locked her in a room and starved her to death because he wanted to marry her cousin (or because she wouldn't produce a son for him.) Dame Lilias haunts the castle as the Green Lady. It is said after her husband married her cousin and spent the night in a certain room, they awoke the next morning to find Lilias Drummond's name etched in stone upside down in one of the windowsills where it can still be seen today. She is said to carry the scent of roses with her.

The Most Haunted team including one of their mediums, David, held a "night vigil" in the room where she is said to have died. First they reported and showed on camera the bed moving without anyone touching it. They then asked if anyone was there to please make a noise. A thump sounded. They asked her a series of questions which she apparently answered using one thump for no and two for yes. At one point, one of the men, Carl, mentioned being married to the host of the show, Yvette, and something kicked him on the calf. Another of the men said something grabbed his shin and he was leaving because he couldn't take any more. They then deduced that the ghost, Dame Lilias, had known one of the crew members during a past life....Carl, who earlier said something had kicked him. She had evidently not liked him saying he was married....because she'd been in love with him during this past life, in the 1600s. They deduced from David's questions and the ghost's thumping noises that Carl had been Dougal a stableboy at that time and Lilies the lady of the castle and already married. Of course their love was forbidden.

Perhaps none of this is true, but it was an interesting show nevertheless, and I can't wait for the next one. Plus, wouldn't this story make a great romance novel?

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Fyvie Castle

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