Recent Short Stories

Please excuse me while I merge my two blogs. If you've read some of this before, I apologize. I can barely keep up with one blog, much less two. :-)

"Finding Trouble, My Wild Friend Led Me to a Sexy Bad-Boy and Love" is the title of my short story in the August issue of True Confessions. This is a fun, spicy-hot story (with lots of suspense and action) about a good girl who gets into more trouble than she bargained for when she follows her friend to a bar and catches the attention of an exciting bad-boy. This is one of my favorite stories I've written. I hope you enjoy it.

"Reformed Romeo" is the new title the editors gave my story in the Summer 06 True Experience. My original title had been Good Enough to Be a Daddy? "Reformed Romeo, Am I Too Late For My Son" is much better. And I love the way they put the title at the top of the attractive cover. Making the cover is a special treat.

"Broke, Alone and Desperate" describes the heroine of my short story in the July issue of True Romance. My title for the story was A Promise Kept. A 17 yr old boy carves "I promise 2 love U 4ever" on a tree. Fifteen years later the girl/woman he loves finds his message again, growing in the gnarled bark. What happens when she comes face to face with him and he stands in the way of her efforts to dig herself out of the hole her life has slid into? This story is about second chances and finding things you thought you'd lost many years ago. This was the first short story I wrote and I'm glad it found a home.

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