"Lost" (I want more!)

Who is eager and hungry for the new season of "Lost" to start? ME! I'm addicted and have been without too long. (Could you believe that season two cliffhanger? Talk about weird.) I started watching because other writers were saying the writing on the show is incredible and writers can learn a lot from it. But what started out as a "classroom" suddenly became addiction for me, and I'm not even able to analyze it for writing technique. Maybe I could if I watched each episode several times. But who wants to spoil the fun? What do I love about the show? Probably the same thing every other fan loves. The multi-faceted, 3D characters (their interactions, conflicts and backstories), the setting, the weird paranormal stuff, the mystery, danger and adventure, the wild twists and turns.

The third season starts Oct. 4, 2006. And the complete second season is available on DVD Sept. 5. It appears the third season will start with 7 episodes and then the rest of the season of 18 episodes will follow starting in Jan. or Feb. 2007. Woohoo!!

Wondering what might happen in season three? Here you will find answers and more questions.

Official "Lost" website with lots of cool stuff including video clips.

Unofficial fansite with articles and info about episodes.

Don't know much about "Lost?" Read up on it at Wickipedia. (I was surprised to find this.)

And just for fun!


Anonymous said...

4 Oct???
Not long to go *yaaa*
Thx for da info :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Yeehaa!! You're welcome lizze.