Spring Fever

This time of year I often become garden and plant obsessed. Okay, not so much lately, but for a couple days I was. I'd talked to a friend who also gardens and listened to her describe changes she was making to her garden. This made me want to get out there and dig in the dirt. I know it doesn't sound romantic in the least or even fun. But it is, despite the hard work and how exhausted I feel afterward. The visualization of the finished landscape inspires me. If I want a certain area to look like the image in my head in a few months or next year, I have to make changes now.

We've been working in our pond area, so I expanded on this, moving hostas, sedum, arum and ivy around the pond. We installed a new UV filter for our pond to clear the water and increased the height of our little waterfall. My husband also installed a lamp light on a post. A couple months ago I reported we'd cleaned the pond. Now the waterlilies are covering most of the surface and blooming. It's really starting to look romantic and pretty out there. This is especially important to me because the window of my office looks out onto the pond. In the summer, I open my window and listen to the water splashing from the waterfall and fountain.

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