Are you a Splenda fan?

I was. (Yes, past tense.) About a month or so ago I discovered flavored water. I've always tried to drink a lot of water and for it to have a fruity sweet flavor with no calories was a definite bonus. I've never been able to drink diet drinks with aspartame because it gives me headaches. And I've been off regular soda for years because I have a negative food allergy to corn syrup. So without research, I started drinking the flavored water and yogurt smoothies sweetened with Splenda (sucralose). Since they are no calorie and I want to lose some weight I thought this was fantastic. I was going to get the powdered Splenda to put in my coffee and other things but decided to do some research first to see if it actually helped with weight loss. This is what I found:

I don't know whether the negative reports are urban legend or the truth. You must make your own decision. But I am now officially off Splenda. I can't say whether I had any of the negative symptoms or side effects mentioned by others since I only used it a little over a month. Whether you choose to use it or not, it's important to have all the facts. Do your research. Pay attention to how your body feels.

I raise my glass of plain, unflavored, unsweetened water to your health.

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