Recharging the Batteries

Well, it’s time for a wee break. I’ve been writing full speed ahead for a few months now. Tomorrow I will have the last of my requests mailed out, unless I get more. I hope I do! Did I mention I received seven requests recently for partial or full manuscripts? I’m still in shock, and definitely thrilled. Now I need to recharge my batteries for a few days. My to-be-read stack of books includes over 200. It has grown beyond a stack into a small library. First, I want to read The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning, one of my favorite authors. (I love her Highlanders!) Next in line is an anthology called Velvet, Leather & Lace by Suzanne Forster, Donna Kauffman & Jill Shalvis. (Supposed to be very sexy!) After that ... hmm... Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce (a new author I can’t wait to try.) I’m also looking forward to Embers by Helen Kirkman. I know it’s been out a while but I am still dreaming of reading it. I stayed up all night reading the previous one. There are sooo many more here, all great books.

I also want to continue my fall cleaning (altered from spring cleaning) and sell a ton of stuff on eBay. After that I’m planning to write a sexy novella. Right now it’s a short story but I’m going to expand it and turn it into an approx. 100-120 page novella, tentatively entitled Devil in a Kilt. Sounds hot already, doesn’t it? Now if only we could get this wild guy to put on a kilt, he'd be perfect for the cover, don't you think? ;-)

Oh and I want to wish my friend Vanessa a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Vonda, thanks so much for the b-day wishes! Does that hunky guy there come with it? :-) Great blog, btw!

Ms. Mika said...

Hello everybody!

2day's my Birthday! Please, stop by my blog and wish me "Happy Birthday!"

Vonda Sinclair said...

hehehe....yes, Vanessa. He's your birthday present. Enjoy! ;-)
Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

Seven! Wow, congratulations!!

And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hasn't read The Immortal Highlander yet. My cps's were ragging on me for having read it yet.

btw: I'm hoping to get that information sent to you tonight or tomorrow at the lastest.

Vonda Sinclair said...

That immoral... I mean Immortal Highlander is sitting there tempting me to read about him but I must get work done first. And then today at the store another book tempted me to buy... Highlander in Love by Julia London. I have read the first one in the 3 book series, and now I have the last two. Yum! And thanks in advance for the info!